What Is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

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CBD and THC are two of the many components found in hemp, otherwise called cannabinoids. They are both part of the same plant, but are these cannabinoids the same? Let’s delve deeper.

Properties and Origins

One of the most crucial differences between CBD and THC is that CBD users do not experience the psychotropic properties of hemp compared to THC users. That is to say, that CBD does not possess any mind-altering effects, while THC does.

Nowadays, as we gain more and more information, the population is well aware of the medicinal uses of hemp. However, it must be noted that medical hemp-derived products that contain more CBD actually contain a much lower level of THC, hence the reason you will not experience psychotropic effects when using CBD-dominant hemp.

The same statement is not true for people who use THC-dominant hemp. Both CBD and THC are present in hemp, but THC is extracted directly from the cannabis plant, while CBD medical hemp comes from the hemp plant – a close relative to cannabis.

Medical Uses, Side Effects, and Their Varieties 

Both cannabinoids have their benefits, but they are not the same thing. CBD is a product perfectly suited to aid well-beingwill not produce side effects, and can be used by a broad audience, even newcomers. It can provide noticeable relief from depression, migraines, sleep issues, and countless other conditions. However, when it comes to THC, it is not suitable for those who are not used to it. That said, in a medical setting, it can help with insomnia, lack of appetite and glaucoma, among a few other ailments.

CBD does not produce any side effects, even when taken in large quantities. The only thing you might need to be concerned about is how it may interact with other medications you’re taking. While it is regarded as a completely safe supplement, it’s recommended that you do not exceed a daily dose of 70 mg.

On the other hand, THC causes red eyes, psychotropic effects, dry mouth, elevated heart rate, and many more unsettling symptoms. There are also studies showing that long-term use of THC may be linked to the development of schizophrenia. THC-dominant hemp users are also prone to becoming addicted, while CBD-dominant hemp users are not.

Lastly, they are somewhat similar in their methods of consumption, albeit with a few differences. CBD can be smoked or consumed through oils, gummies, supplements and gels. THC can also be smoked, as well as consumed through edibles, capsules, oils or tinctures.

Comparing CBD and THC

  1. CBD products do not cause psychotropic effects, while THC ones do. 
  2. CBD comes from hemp, while THC comes directly from the cannabis plant. 
  3. Both THC and CBD have uses for several medical conditions. 
  4. Consuming and using CBD-related products in whatever quantity is safe unless it interacts with existing medication. THC has several side effects. 
  5. CBD can not lead to addiction, while THC can. 
  6. CBD and THC come in a variety of forms.

All Joia products are broad-spectrum and THC-free (or below detectable levels) except for soft gels, which are full-spectrum and contain THC levels below the legal threshold of 0.2%.

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