What is Joia?

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Joia is a brand that sells high-quality CBD-infused well-being products

We use essential oils, and legal products like CBD, to bring well-being and joy in everyday life.

Joia is the inspiration for a new way of life, to escape the gloomy surroundings and give back color and joy to each day.

Joia: joy and wellness

The pandemic that we have known for two years is hard to live with psychologically for most of us… It has led to very rapid changes in life and biological rhythms. This is why each of us needs a cocoon and a space of freedom to find a little serenity.

That is why we want to give everyone a feeling of joy in life, the keys to a more serene existence, of peace and freedom beyond constraints.

The Joia brand provides natural products to restore softness, pleasure, and emotional stability in daily life and sleep. It utilizes a touch of cannabidiol, the famed CBD that we hear so much about.

Local & natural products

All Joia products are made exclusively from locally grown natural products, according to organic farming specifications. We only sell natural oils and cosmetics, with a reasonable concentration and without any THC, to address a wide audience.

Top-of-the-line: Joia’s Tears of Joia line, 100% natural and organic products, luxurious packaging in the form of boxes, and happiness coaches for the Joia Club members. We talk about good daily habits on the site, like meditation, yoga, and holistic medicine.

Joia is a brand that sells high-quality CBD-infused well-being products

Joia is also a club for our loyal customers who wish to offer themselves a selection of the best products promoting their well-being and enhancing their serenity and a team of dedicated happiness coaches.

Therefore, feel free to send us a message if you would like to know more or if you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you.


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