Does CBD Have Psychotropic Effects?

As mentioned in our previous articles, CBD products don’t have psychotropic properties. So, then why do people still believe that CBD causes psychoactive effects? Where is this notion based? Let’s break this myth down.

The Myth of CBD Products Being Associated With Psychotropic Properties 

Since cannabis-based products are known to have psychotropic properties, people assume CBD is the same. Although CBD is mainly derived from the hemp plant, even CBD originating from cannabis will not have psychoactive effects.

By law, CBD products can’t have more than 0.2% THC. At Joia, all of our products are broad-spectrum and THC-free (or below detectable levels). The one exception is our full-spectrum soft gels, which contain THC levels below the legal threshold of 0.2%

Being one of the most widely-used CBD products, people still wonder whether CBD oil produces psychoactive effects, but let’s put this notion to bed. CBD oil does not contain any psychotropic properties. It helps treat anxiety and depression by improving people’s moods. We must advise, though, that new users of CBD oil should not exceed the daily dose of 70 mg

CBD also blocks the psychoactive effects that THC has on the human body. Nonetheless, people who intend to use THC and CBD products together need to consult their doctor first.

Final Words About CBD’s Psychoactive Effects

To wrap things up, CBD products cannot cause psychoactive effects on their users, no matter their form. People use these products for wellness purposes to improve the quality of their lives, such as enhancing sleep quality and mood and reducing inflammation occurring in the body. The feeling of relaxation given by CBD products does not equal psychotropic properties. 

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