CBD and stress

Joia - Stress and CBD, how to manage your stress levels

CBD can provide an element of stress response, in addition to meditation, yoga and natural medicines.

Stress is the body’s response to external events. In an increasingly complex world, our minds and our bodies are often very busy. Stress is a very common phenomenon in our societies. To remedy this, we must take the person as a whole. Natural medicines, meditation and yoga can be effective stress relievers. CBD may also provide benefits by improving the body’s ability to relax.

Stress affects everyone at some point; some people experience it more often than others. In addition to job, relationships, and sickness all contribute to stress. But there are instances when tension strikes without any apparent explanation. All of us, especially after 2 years of Covid crisis, are struggling to keep up. It’s not uncommon for people to feel stressed when they are under pressure.

But what does it look like when you’re stressed? We’ve narrowed down the most prevalent signs and symptoms, along with suggestions on how to treat them.

Anxiety and restlessness

In the evening, we are more likely to be irritated and exhausted if we have been under a lot of stress throughout the day.

In most cases, agitation is caused by stress, but it may also be caused by an imbalance in the body. When our brains and bodies are out of sync, we experience stress, which makes us more prone to life’s little annoyances.

An inability to have a good night

A decline in the quality of your sleep is one of the first symptoms that you could be stressed. Because stress levels rise in tandem with fatigue, this may be very exhausting.

You can deal with everyday challenges more easily and without feeling stressed if you get a decent night’s sleep, which is not just important for your general health and well-being (since it helps your brain and body to regenerate).

Prescription medications for a better night’s sleep don’t appear to be meeting our demands as our lives change. Instead, lavender and other natural sleep aids are becoming more popular. A third option is CBD: by taking CBD a few hours before bedtime, you may assist your body in returning to equilibrium, which will help you sleep better.

A shift in one’s eating habits

Changes in appetite and eating habits are additional prominent signs of stress. Even the scent of feed might cause some people to feel queasy when they’re under a great deal of stress. Then there are some who report eating too much sweets or fat when they’re stressed out.

CBD’s ability to affect human appetite has yet to be shown decisively. This research, however, found that CBD has the ability to alter serotonin levels, which may reduce hunger.
Though CBD can’t raise or reduce hunger directly, it serves as a powerful regulator on the hormones that do. This is how CBD works.

Is CBD a good option against stress?

As previously stated, CBD may aid in the development of regular sleep patterns and the restoration of general bodily equilibrium. As with any lifestyle change, consistency is the key to seeing effects, so don’t anticipate quick improvements when you start taking CBD. But CBD might be an excellent supplement to your morning routine for a calmer start to the day.

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