CBD and the Benefits of a Vegan Diet

The way we consume food is influenced by many social, cultural and economic variables. Our diets are often a reflection of the relationships we have with our bodies, other living beings and our environment, and while finding the right food path can be difficult, it is doable.

The word diet is often linked to notions of restriction and prohibition, and while we might look at food as a way to satisfy our grumbling stomachs, it’s actually closely linked to our perceptions – what we might perceive as a diet can sometimes be more of a psychological limitation. There are many ways we can experiment with eating routines and diets, but one of the most popular diets currently gaining traction is vegan, and there are plenty of reasons for it.

Veganism is a much more qualitative way of consuming food, and we are big advocates of this lifestyle. Like all of our products at Joia, we pride ourselves in helping you along your journey of serenity, so you can reach that place that enables you to enjoy life, and vegan diets are another way down this path.

Vegan diets offer nutrient-rich, vegetable and herbal options, which provide tons of benefits and help reduce several health risks, such as cardiovascular problems. Best of all, those who switch to a vegan diet almost always show rapid signs of improved health and weight loss.

A vegan diet is not only good for our physical health, though, it offers heaps of benefits for the planet too. By not consuming meat and its derivatives, we reduce our carbon footprint and impact food throughout the life cycle, leading to a much more positive outcome than if you were consuming meat.

A vegan diet is not only an ethical choice; it’s a wise choice. Following it ensures that you take your health seriously and are willing and ready to advance your lifestyle.

While Joia CBD oil is often taken as a tincture, it can also be used as a food supplement. It mixes easily with sauces, dressings, salads and plenty of other vegan dishes and is a great way to incorporate a little extra self-care, well-being and quality into your vegan lifestyle.

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